I'm Liam Parker. Country music is my world, and I dont need anything else to make me happy, until Cassandra Wellington steps into my life.​​
This blonde bombshell is a blogger, whom I invite on tour of Australia with me. God only knows why - but it seems I can't get this woman out of my head. 
A three month tour with her so close and unavailable, because she doesn't do relationships?'
Not gonna happen.
I intend to get to know her a whole lot better on this tour...whether she likes it or not.
Australia here we come.
Cassie needs me, as much as I need her. I just have to break down some walls to convince her that I'm  worth the risk.
Her parents had the perfect love until they died. She sees this as a reason to push me away, but that's not gonna work. Their love for each other is what's stopping her from loving me.
I want us to have a love like theirs, and I'm determined to make her see that it can happen, and be a good thing - not something to be scared of.
Hey I'm an Aussie. We're stubborn like that.
She needs to find out she can resist as much as she wants, but sooner or later I will make her mine.
One day soon she'll give in and be Cassandra can bet on it.
I won't give up on us.
Loving her is easy but convincing her that it's okay to love me back...well that's a challenge.