Dalton and Haven were childhood sweethearts, who parted when she left their  coastal home town of Esperance to further her modelling career.

Now she's back home; avoiding the press, and in mourning after the sudden death of her high profile boyfriend.

Deciding to stay a while, she embarks on a new business venture while trying to understand her feelings for her blue eyed ex-boyfriend, and trying hard not to fall in love with his adorable toddler, Amelia.

Their past was incredible. Can they make a future together as they were destined to do?

After the death of his wife, Dalton vowed  he needed only one female in his life - his angelic daughter. When Haven arrives back in town, he looks like breaking his vow, as this beautiful woman slowly puts his heart back together again, tearing down every wall he built around it.

Can they make their happily ever after this time, or are their worlds too different?

A supermodel and a farmer. Their careers are poles apart. Can they make it work and...should they?