Eternally MIA'S

Mia  loved her fiance, until she found him screwing his young clerk over his desk.
It was at that point that she decided that being alone with a brood of cats was a much better option than a man.
Her new boss Noah Byrne has other ideas. He wants her from the moment he sees her in his office, and what Noah wants, Noah gets.
Mia eventually gives in to her blonde god who resembles Thor, but is fate about to step in and destroy their happiness, when Mia is abducted by a madman hellbent on revenge for his son's death?
Forgiveness is in short supply, after the worst day of Mia's life, and they need to be able to move forward together to build a future, but that's easier said than done.
Can there be a happily ever after, when Noah is the cause of her trauma?
A holiday to the Canadian Rockies is supposed to be time for them to relax and reconnect, but a blizzard may destroy their dreams, when they're trapped in a remote cabin, with no way of contacting the outside world.
Sometimes love isnt enough.
Ends on a cliffhanger but continues in Forever Noah's published May 2015
Lauren reviewed Eternally Mia's: LILLY BARRETT (The Western Australian Series Book 1)

****A review for A kiss down under book blog****

I absolutely loved this book and these characters! Mia who is a strong woman who is also broken at the same time, who goes through some hard times throughout the whole book whilst dealing with her very delicious boss Noah ,who may I add looks like Thor or Chris Hemsworth which makes the book even more yummy. While he's trying to figure out a way to be with her and she's trying to ignore the attraction of course, as we all know the attraction can't be ignored for long and something has to happen. I strongly suggest buying this book and seeing exactly where their story leads, I promise it won't be something you regret doing. I absolutely can't get enough of this book and am looking forward to a lot more from this author!

Amazon review 5 stars
Loved the novel. If you liked 50 Shades of Grey then you will like this. I thought this novel was better written with more story line and a little bit of crime to make it more interesting. Easy read but I couldn't put it down until it was finished. I will be buying the sequel 'Forever Noah'. Fantastic work for a first time novelist.